Ed Driscoll

Boston CBS Affiliate Angers Far Left Tools Who Blocked Highway


“Protesters React To Negative Backlash Following I-93 Sit-In,” Boston’s WBZ-TV reports, sending out a reporter to the homes of some of the protestors who blocked a major highway because Ferguson, maaaaan. Curiously, after disrupting commuters and potentially delaying ambulances, firemen, and other emergency responders, the protestors — who look to be straight out of central casting, including several who apart from their ultra-retro ’70s-era Bob Marley/Mumia-style dreads are living perfectly bourgeois lives in their upper middle class parents’ homes and condos — aren’t happy about a journalist showing up to knock on their doors.

Naturally, the protestors claim “harassment” when the tables are turned on them, which seems rather paradoxical on multiple levels, as the neighborhood drop-in was certainly approved by Saul Alinsky, and of course, the protestors’ own penchant for making the lives of everyone around them miserable.

Click on the above screen cap to watch — if only because TV news shows that commit actual journalism when the left is involved is a rare thing indeed.