Pssst, Hey MSNBC: Great Story You're Missing!

“Someone Gave the World a Brutal Look at Comcast’s Inner Workings — but Their Identity Is Still in Question,” Zach Noble of The Blaze reports:

Comcast doesn’t exactly have the best reputation when it comes to customer service, so when a man claiming to be a Comcast customer account executive went on Reddit Saturday to tell all about the company, loads of people eagerly participated in the back-and-forth.

The executive spilled plenty of juicy tidbits…but was he who he said he was?


Noble writes that “The executive proved his identity by posting a picture of his Comcast company T-shirts…and sending a picture of his company ID to a Reddit moderator:”

So, commenters quickly began asking, is Comcast as bad as people say?

The man said bad practices pervade the company, writing, “It’s not just the higher ups it’s the whole way we operate from s***ty schedules to overnight shifts, no transportation for employees, the health conditions of the office we work at.”

He had plenty of personal gripes, complaining that Comcast bosses “make your life miserable until you are basically forced to quit” and saying that he’d stopped caring about the job and would probably be fired soon.

“How does it feel to talk to people who resent you and your company every day?” a commenter asked, to which the man responded, “I stopped caring about 2 weeks into the job.”

Gee, if this guy actually does work for Comcast, the work conditions he’s describing don’t sound at all like the ideal happy fun time “socially-responsible” corporation and “Progressive” labor relations championed by its spokespeople on one of its subsidiary cable TV channels. And so far, it’s an extremely under-reported topic on that channel’s Website. So c’mon Al, Andrea, Rachel, Lawrence, Melissa and company — isn’t it time to flood the zone on this story, as former former Times editor Howell Raines would order his troops?


(Of course, MSNBC will jump on this story as soon as they convince Comcast and parent network NBC to drop NASCAR coverage due to “global warming.”)



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