The Brunch Brigade, or No Justice, No Quiche!

Anti-police protesters take to occupying their fellow urban leftists’ Sunday brunches, Derek Hunter writes at the Daily Caller:

As anti-police protests peter out across the country, progressive activists are becoming increasingly desperate to maintain what they saw as momentum for their cause. But, as is the case with any dying movement, when the larger crowds dwindle, the only people left are the extremists and radicals who have no appeal to anyone outside of their fellow radicals.

A handful of these radicals took to the restaurants of New York City Sunday morning to demand…attention. The attention they got they didn’t much care for.

On Twitter under the hashtag “#BlackBrunchNYC,” they “stormed” eateries offering brunch and draw attention to themselves. Rather than inspire a nationwide movement, they inspired ridicule.


Well, yes. Shades of Occupy Wall Street in October of 2011 marching into a Citibank branch and making life miserable for minimum wage bank tellers. Or as Amy Curtis tweeted today, “Nothing says ‘Support our cause’ quite like screwing your fellow New Yorkers out of their tips and pay.”

Historian Robert Conquest’s Third Law of Politics states that “The simplest way to explain the behavior of any bureaucratic organization is to assume that it is controlled by a cabal of its enemies,” lending further credence to Glenn Reynolds’ joke that the Brunch Brigades’ protests are “a false-flag divide-and-conquer operation set up by Kurt Schlichter or one of his minions.”


To be fair, Bull Connor was a member of the Democratic National Committee, but I doubt anyone on either side of the brunch wars today is actually aware of that.


(Headline inspired by the unlikely mash-up of Stacy Peralta and Dan Rhiel.)


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