ABC's Ann Compton: Obama Launches 'Profanity-Laced' Tirades Against MSM

Well, we all done that on an increasingly regular basis; who can blame him? But likely the semi-retired president and starting in 2017, potential future Huffington Post blogger is aggrieved at the MSM for very different reasons than you and I:


According to retired ABC News journalist Ann Compton, Barack Obama has launched into “profanity-laced” tirades against the press in off-the-record meetings with reporters. In a C-SPAN interview, Compton also derided the President for leading “the most opaque” administration of “any I have covered.”

The journalist, who retired in August after a 40-year career, revealed to C-SPAN’s Brian Lamb: “I have seen in the last year Barack Obama really angry twice. Both were off the record times. One, profanity-laced where he thought the press was making too much of scandals that he did not think were scandals.”

Nice of Compton to admit that. But notice that she did so on C-Span — after she retired — where her interview will be seen by a tiny number of wonkish viewers, instead of leading off ABC’s World News Tonight, where eight million viewers will see it, thus aiding and abetting the president’s myriad scandals and notorious opaqueness.

As with questionable decorum by their daughters when GOP presidents (and presidential candidates) use profanity to express their thoughts regarding the MSM’s behavior, the story isn’t buried — it leads the news, including ABC.


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