Is Our Children Learning?

“Ultimately, though, from where I sit in Charlottesville, to let fact checking define the narrative would be a huge mistake.”

—Julia Horowitz, “assistant managing editor at The Cavalier Daily, the University of Virginia’s student newspaper,” writing in the Politico, in a piece titled “Why We Believed Jackie’s Rape Story.”


As Dave Huber of the College Fix writes, “Horowitz — in one sentence — demonstrated what is so wrong with contemporary journalism.”

But there are plenty of Democrat operatives with bylines journalists at the Politico who in their heart of hearts absolutely concur with her.

And one more for the “Is Our Children Learning?” files:

In accordance with these procedures and policy, students who feel that their performance on examinations will be sufficiently impaired due to the effects of these recent events may petition Dean Alice Rigas to have an examination rescheduled.

“Columbia Law School is permitting students claiming to be impaired due to the emotional impact of recent non-indictments in the Michael Brown and Eric Garner matters to postpone taking their final exams,” Paul Mirengoff writes at Power Line. 


No word yet if fainting couches for the overly vaporous will also be supplied.

Given that today is December 7th, it’s worth nothing that while we’re separated by nearly 75 years from Pearl Harbor, an attack that killed or wounded 3500 men, many of whom were about the age of the average college student, but that culture might as well have existed on another planet.

Update: “Rush Limbaugh: For too many in the media and in politics, ‘the truth is relative.’”


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