Fabiola Has Left the Building

“Belgium’s former Queen Fabiola has died at the age of 86 at Stuyvenbergh Castle,” the London Daily Mail reports:

A statement from the palace today said: ‘Their majesties the King and Queen and the members of the royal family announce with great sadness the death of Her Majesty Queen Fabiola in Brussels this evening.’

Foreign minister Didier Reynders said all Belgians would mourn her passing. ‘A page in our country’s history has turned,’ he told Belgium’s RTL television. 

King Philippe of Belgium said he was left with ‘great sadness’ when he heard of the death of his aunt.


“She became queen of Belgium when she married King Baudouin in 1960,” the Daily Mail adds. Which probably explains the name of the character played by Mel Brooks in one of his zany interviews with Carl Reiner on their epochal 1961 comedy album much better known for launching the legendary 2000 Year Old Man:

[jwplayer player=”1″ mediaid=”77388″]

(Tell the truth, you only linked to this story for an excuse to embed the Brooks and Reiner skit, right?–Ed. But of course!)


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