Ed Driscoll

You Went Full Caligula, Man. Never go Full Caligula

“Remember when Rick Santorum was the Worst Person in the World,” Jonathan Last of the Weekly Standard asks on his blog:

because he made the argument that the right to privacy created by Griswold opened up a Pandora’s box from which all sorts of things would eventually emerge–and that while we’re talking about homosexuality today, eventually we’ll be talking about “man-on-dog”?

That was back in 2003. And obviously Santorum was a kook and a bigot because it took forever for us to have other stuff start popping up–like eleven whole years!–and when it did it wasn’t “man-on-dog.” Because that’s just crazy talk.

It’s man-on-horse.

From New York Magazine–and just for clarity’s sake, let me emphasize–New York Magazine–“What it’s like to date a horse”:

Everybody wants to party in Weimar, but the hangover is a nightmare.

And incidentally, what is it with New York and horses these days?