You Went Full Caligula, Man. Never go Full Caligula

“Remember when Rick Santorum was the Worst Person in the World,” Jonathan Last of the Weekly Standard asks on his blog:

because he made the argument that the right to privacy created by Griswold opened up a Pandora’s box from which all sorts of things would eventually emerge–and that while we’re talking about homosexuality today, eventually we’ll be talking about “man-on-dog”?

That was back in 2003. And obviously Santorum was a kook and a bigot because it took forever for us to have other stuff start popping up–like eleven whole years!–and when it did it wasn’t “man-on-dog.” Because that’s just crazy talk.

It’s man-on-horse.

From New York Magazine–and just for clarity’s sake, let me emphasize–New York Magazine–“What it’s like to date a horse”:


Everybody wants to party in Weimar, but the hangover is a nightmare.

And incidentally, what is it with New York and horses these days?


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