Ed Driscoll

This Is CNN

“Two Palestinian terrorists entered a Jerusalem synagogue today and launched an attack on the worshipers using guns and meat cleavers. The terrorists killed four and wounded several more before they were killed by police,” Bryan Preston writes at the PJ Tatler. “CNN’s Chyron operators got just about everything wrong that they could possibly get wrong during a report on the attack.”

Bryan has the video, which contains the screen cap in the above tweet. As Twitchy asks, “Unbelievable! Was this horrible Jerusalem terror attack CNN graphic a gaffe or foul bias?” Given CNN’s sympathies in the Middle East, I know which direction I’d bet. But either way, today’s debacle is yet another black hole for Time-Warner’s once-proud, now flailing news network, these days reduced to being “That irritating noise you hear at the airport,” as Kathy Shaidle writes.

Update: “#HowCNNWouldReport.”