Ed Driscoll

Creator of Daily Show Blames Looming Wendy Davis Defeat on 'Redistricting'

When asked about Davis’ woes at her potential future employer MSNBC by the ironically named Joy Reid, Lizz Winstead, the co-creator of Viacom’s long-running Daily Show replied, “I think part of it is that redistricting is redistricting. And Texas, I think, can turn blue. I mean, let’s not forget that 20 years ago Texas had a female governor, who was an admitted alcoholic and a divorcee who was a progressive. So, I don’t think that the dinosaurs were walking the Earth back then.” Dinosaur? Actually, that’s a pretty good summation of Ann Richards. As Mark Finkelstein responds at NewsBusters:

Lizz, last time we looked, there is no districting—”re” or otherwise—when it comes to statewide races. The entire state is one big district that gets to vote for Governor. Oh, and for good measure, Lizz laid the rest of the blame on “the media.” Right. In a state where the major newspaper in three of the four largest cities have endorsed Davis.

Missed it by that much. Or as Iowahawk tweets, Redistricting?  Well, “Texas is  weird shape.”