Ed Driscoll

Swastikas and Racism: Wisconsin Democrat Mary Burke Covers All the Bases

How do you top violating Godwin’s Law and smearing the GOP’s Scott Walker as a Nazi

…You play the race card, of course.

As Aaron Goldstein wrote at the American Spectator on the 27th, before the news broke late last week that Burke was fired by her family for incompetence and an abrasive management style at her job at Trek Bicycle, Walker will have emerged from four years of having everything thrown at him by the left:

Should Walker prevail, he will have, in the space of four years, outlasted the occupation of the state legislature by union and other left-wing activists, survived a recall election—the first governor in U.S. history to do so—and earned a second term in his own right, all while governing as a conservative in one of the bluest states in the nation. Liberal organizations have dedicated more time and money to beating Walker than any other Republican, and yet Walker has taken everything these liberal groups have thrown his way and still come out on top.

If Walker wins on November 4, Republicans should nominate him by acclamation, right then and there, to be their 2016 presidential candidate. The GOP needs a fighter who can step into the ring and dish out as much as he can take, not another man with a glass jaw.

Clausewitz wrote that warfare was the extension of politics; the modern American left views politics as warfare. And certainly, if he does win on Tuesday, Walker has proven to be battle-tested. (And it’s still Sunday night on the west coast as I’m writing this. What else will Burke and her colleagues in the Wisconsin and/or national MSM throw at Walker on the last day before the election?)