Ed Driscoll

Party of Roosevelt Now Attacking Wheelchair-Bound Politicians

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Ed Morrissey dubs it “The worst campaign ad ever?”

It’s simply stunning in its sheer desperation. It’s so bad that I’m writing this post at nearly 11 pm in Rome to make sure it goes up on the site tonight. This isn’t just a bad campaign ad — it may very well be the worst, most cynical campaign ad ever. And the award goes to Wendy Davis, who’s about to get trounced by Greg Abbott, and this shows why:

The Abbott campaign also produced plenty of evidence debunking the rest of this despicable smear. Abbott’s intervention in the case cited by the ad was to defend the constitutionality of the state’s tort-reform law, which as Attorney General was Abbott’s job. His briefs never touched on whether the surgeon in the case was negligent, merely pointing instead that the law required a finding of actual specific intent to moot the limits on damages. The reason it became necessary for Abbott to intervene in the first place was because the lawsuit against the hospital and surgeon challenged the constitutionality of the tort-reform law.

Perhaps Wendy Davis isn’t familiar with what an Attorney General does.

Or who the 32nd American president was, whom the current president was frequently compared to by his fellow Democrats before taking office.

Heckuva job there, Wendy.

Update: “Her entire campaign is based on the notion that she should have a right to kill a child who might be disabled; why would we expect her not to be mean to a man who is?”, Orrin Judd asks.