Ed Driscoll

Two MSNBCs In One!

Past performance is no guarantee of future results:

“English miners celebrate Margaret Thatcher’s death, while U.S. conservatives mourn.”

—Headline, MSNBC.com, September 13, 2013.

“Chris Hayes Envisions A World Where No One Has A Job Mining Coal.”

—Headline, the Washington Free Beacon, last night.

And given that Thatcher’s goal was to break the stranglehold that British Unions had (as Mark Steyn has noted) over the rest of the UK’s citizens, note who Hayes had his conversation with:

Hayes told United Mine Workers of America president Cecil Roberts that “in 50 years, no one should have a job mining coal, in the world.”

Roberts, who also serves as Vice President of The AFL-CIO, pushed back on Hayes’s comments, telling him to “accept science” just as Hayes wants him to “accept science” supporting climate change.

“You know and I know that’s not going to happen,” Roberts said. “Let’s talk about reality…do you really believe that in your lifetime, you’re a young man, that you’re going to see the day that China stops using coal or even cuts back on using? No, you’re going to be 85 years old, heading into 90 years old looking to be on that Smucker’s jar and China is going to be burning more coal than they are right now, and India is going to be burning huge amounts of coal.”

Hayes said if that happens “everyone’s screwed,” but offered no alternative to help combat climate change.

To bring this post full-circle, exit quote and video:

Related:Video: Top Grimes Donor: ‘She’s going to f**k ‘em when she gets elected.'” “He’s referring to coal workers and the coal industry,” Glenn Reynolds adds. Sounds like good news from Chris Hayes’ perspective — shouldn’t he be putting this clip into heavy rotation on his show?

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