Out: Far Left 9/11 Truthers. In: Far Left ISIS Truthers

Al Gore was driven (further) insane when he lost to GWB in 2000, going from a man who attacked Bush #41 in 1992 for not removing Saddam Hussein from power, to demonizing Bush #43 for removing Saddam Hussein from power, and smearing his supporters as “digital brownshirts.” 


Gore, whose political career was reborn in 1989, when he made an about-face from a relatively conservative Democrat in the 1980s to comparing global warming to “An Ecological Kristallnacht” in a New York Times op-ed, sold his Current TV channel to Al Jazeera, owned by the ISIS-funding petro-state Qatar, for $500 million at the start of 2013.  

With her above Facebook post today, Naomi Wolf, legendary (if perhaps somewhat apocryphally) for advising Gore in 2000 to switch to earth tones to bring out his hot-blooded alpha male (no, really), has joined him in la-la land. It shouldn’t be all that surprising.

In August of 2009, the former self-described “third wave feminist” thought that Islamic women forcing women to cover their faces was totally groovy, and underneath, the Islamic world was as laid back about sex as say, your average, Greenwich Village coffee house. (No, really.) Or as Phyllis Chesler paraphrased Wolf’s essay in the Sydney Morning Herald, “The Burqa: Ultimate Feminist Choice?”

In the fall of 2008, she predicted that if John McCain won, we’d see the coming of the Palin-Rove Police State. (No, really!) Here’s Wolf’s fever-swamp rant at the Huffington Post in September of 2008:

Please understand what you are looking at when you look at Sarah “Evita” Palin. You are looking at the designated muse of the coming American police state. You have to understand how things work in a closing society in order to understand “Palin Power.” A gang or cabal seizes power, usually with an affable, weak figurehead at the fore. Then they will hold elections — but they will make sure that the election will be corrupted and that the next affable, weak figurehead is entirely in their control. Remember, Russia has Presidents; Russia holds elections. Dictators and gangs of thugs all over the world hold elections. It means nothing. When a cabal has seized power you can have elections and even presidents, but you don’t have freedom. I realized early on with horror what I was seeing in Governor Palin: the continuation of the Rove-Cheney cabal, but this time without restraints.


(Read the whole thing; it’s quite a hoot.)

In October 2011, Wolf got her wish, sort of, being busted by Mayor Bloomberg’s finest and held overnight after an Occupy Wall Street rally went awry. The following year in the UK Guardian she had her latest gnostic revelation: “Revealed: how the FBI coordinated the crackdown on Occupy –New documents prove what was once dismissed as paranoid fantasy: totally integrated corporate-state repression of dissent.”

But when faced with what should be her worst nightmare, an Islamic state that represses dissent with machine guns and rusty knives to the jugular, Wolf dissembles on whether or not it’s fair to call ISIS “evil” and goes into truther mode over their snuff videos.

Very likely, she’s not alone in that department; in 2007, Jane Hamsher, the founder of the leftwing Firedoglake blog, estimated that 35 percent of Democrats were 9/11 truthers. As Daniel Henninger of the Wall Street Journal once posited, the most traumatic event in recent history for many on the left wasn’t September 11th, 2001, but losing to President Bush the previous year. And apparently, those closest to the epicenter were driven the furthest into hysteria.

Update: Worried about Ebola in the USA? Who isn’t! Fortunately, Naomi’s got you covered with a conspiracy theory for that as well:



If that request actually did come from a New York Times journalist as Wolf writes on her Facebook page, then evidently the Times would rather protect Naomi’s rep than have to report on a former Gore advisor now in ISIS truther mode.

Or as Jim Treacher of the Daily Caller recently tweeted, “Modern journalism is all about deciding which facts the public shouldn’t know because they might reflect badly on Democrats.”


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