Friendly Reminder: No One at MSNBC Actually Believes in Global Warming

Tammy Bruce spots the latest howler at the little-watched cable network co-owned by NBC and Comcast:

And last week, on MSNB.S. MSNBC, Dr. Reese Halter, a conservation biologist, stated that if we don’t do something soon, the oceans, and the forests, will shut down in twenty years.


Oceans and forests can “shut down” ?

Who knew?

Via Breitbart: MSNBC Guest: Global Warming To Cause The Oceans to Shut Down In Twenty Years

….SCHULTZ: Dr. Halter, what happens over the next 20 years if we as a country do nothing?

HALTER: Good evening Ed and Michael. It is an unimaginable scenario — spending over 36 billion tons of greenhouse gases this past year, if we continue at this rate sometime soon after 2030 we will have spent the entire carbon budget for this century. We will then be in the realm of eclipsing 7 degrees Fahrenheit, and it will be an uninhabitable planet for our children. The oceans will shut down. The forests globally will shut down. Ed, that is a scenario that we are not going near.


There’s another snippet of their conversation quoted by Jeff Poor of that’s fascinating in its cognitive dissonance. Halter goes on to tell Ed Schultz:

But let us not dwell on doom. Let us look to the future as the biggest challenge for the entrepreneurs of United States of America to innovate, to provide solutions for green energies. Look, we just passed a moment last month with super critical steam from solar thermal in Australia, which is a game changer. This is analogous to the late 1940s and mach one when we broke the sound barrier. There’s a lot to be excited, and at the same time we need to protect all of the standing forests now.

But wasn’t breaking the sound barrier a bad thing, since it encourages pilots to use that much more fuel? In the early 1970s, when Boeing proposed an SST jetliner, environmentalists and their leftwing celebrity groupies had a meltdown. The French-British Concorde was hated by this gang throughout its service life.

And since no one at MSNBC is proposing turning off the cameras and the klieg lights and the air conditioned studios and server farms and shutting down the network, or going across the hall to NBC Sports and demanding that they cease covering fuel-guzzling NASCAR (which the network signed a multimillion dollar deal last year to promote through 2024, just six years before Halter’s fever-dream eco-apocalypse occurs), we know this is all just the leftwing equivalent of boob bait for the bobos, to paraphrase Pat Moynihan.


Besides, in January of 2009, NASA’s James Hansen told the world that then-newly inaugurated President Obama “has four years to save the planet.” As with every previous not-so final countdown issued by the Chicken Little enviro-left, that deadline has come and gone, and planet earth no worse for wear, in sharp contrast to this cult’s collective reputation as fortune tellers.

Of course, there are steps that the rest of us can take to help lower NBC’s carbon footprint:

Heh. I’ve been doing my part to help the network minimize its energy output for years now!

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