Wasting Away Again In An Obamaville


I’m now being followed on Twitter by “Tent City San Jose,” boasting that it’s “Population 300+ and growing daily,” so I’ve got that going for me. Presumably, they discovered my Twitter profile because it mentions that I’m “San Jose Editor of PJ Media.” I have no idea if it’s a legit account, although this photo tweeted four hours ago also shows up in a 2012 article at a Website called San Jose Inside, in a post titled, “City Changes Policy on Homeless Camps.”


And this photo, in a tweet whose text reads, “A year and a month ago, I was a working class citizen,” also appears in a post at New York Daily Photo noting that the photo was shot in SoHo. In 2007.)

But this seems like a curious item to post for your 14th addition to an interactive two-way social media:


In contrast, for a look at a march larger group of Bay Area residents who won’t leave anyone alone, and presumably have a different vision of a camp to umm, concentrate their ideological enemies within, check out the prodigal Zombie’s long-awaited return to PJM: “Climate Movement Drops Mask, Admits Communist Agenda.”

And finally, I’m sure this last link has nothing whatsoever to do with either Zombie’s photo essay nor the rag- tag “Tent City San Jose.” Steve Green lists the “Worst States to Do Business In.”


Two guesses as to which formerly golden state is Number One.

Related: City Journal’s Steven Malanga on “The Professional Panhandling Plague.”


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