Time-Warner-CNN-HBO Employee, Former Timesman Frank Rich Cracks Rape Joke


“Frank Rich tweets prison rape joke about former Va. Gov. Bob McDonnell,” Glenn Reynolds writes at Instapundit.

As Glenn adds, “If it weren’t about a Republican, it would cost him his job.” But which one? Rich, who had logged in three decades at the New York Times, is now simultaneously employed as a columnist at New York magazine, and as Twitchy notes, is an executive producer of Veep, the series starring former Seinfeld actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus, for Time-Warner-CNN-HBO:


What is it about liberals and prison rape? Remember Bill Lockyer (Cal. Dem. AG)?

Yes, I do remember Bill Lockyer. My guess — liberals like for people to submit to the state, and for their opponents to be humiliated. So prison rape for Republicans is a twofer.

Sounds pretty Stalinist to me.

Although considering that in 2011, Rich was asking, “if you put a reloaded gun” up to Sarah Palin would she know who Bill Ayers was, perhaps today’s tweet means that Rich is toning his proposed violence down a notch.


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