The Irrelevant Majority

“NBC Reporter to Islamic Extremists: ‘You Do Not Even Represent A Fraction of Muslims Around the World,'”  Kyle Drennen writes at Newsbusters, watching NBC so that the rest of us don’t have to:


In a report aired on Monday’s NBC Today, correspondent Keir Simmons spoke with Islamic extremists in Britain acting as apologists for the ISIS terrorists who brutally murdered journalist James Foley. A soundbite played of one man ranting: “The question to ask is, who’s really to blame for the death of James Foley? I believe it is the foreign policy of Obama.”

Following the taped story, Simmons added: “It is so sickening, so disturbing to hear a group like that exercise their First Amendment rights…by saying things like that. But I said to them directly, ‘You do not even represent a fraction of Muslims around the world.'”

As Drennen notes, “In reality, millions of Muslims in the Middle East do subscribe to the notion that American foreign policy is the true cause of terrorist attacks against the United States and even justifies such acts.”

But in any case, the peaceful majority are irrelevant, as Brigitte Gabriel brilliantly noted earlier this summer:

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Oh, and speaking of the peaceful majority, “What Happens to Palestinian Moderates? Shot in the streets with a pistol to the head after midday prayers.”

Related: “Jimmy Carter To Give Keynote Speech At Muslim Convention In Detroit,” Paul Bois notes at Ben Shapiro’s Truth Revolt Website today. As Jay Nordlinger noted in his classic “Carterpalooza” article in 2002, “No one quite realizes just how passionately anti-Israel Carter is. William Safire has reported that Cyrus Vance acknowledged that, if he had had a second term, Carter would have sold Israel down the river.”

Former President Carter must be very pleased with the progress of former President Obama’s administration in that department.


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