Hamas Violates Its Own Ceasefire After Only 90-Minutes

“Call Us When an Israel-Hamas Cease-fire Lasts Longer Than a Peter Jackson Movie,” quips Jim Geraghty:

Forget these 72-hour cease-fire proposals, guys. Try a 72-minute one, see how that works out.

Because we could just run “Cease-fire Broken” headlines in an endless loop for the foreseeable future. Here’s how it went down:

Lt. Col. Peter Lerner, a spokesman for the Israeli military, said that government forces were moving to destroy a tunnel, as the terms of the cease-fire allowed for, when several militants came out of the ground.

Colonel Lerner said the militants included at least one suicide attacker, that there was an exchange of fire on the ground and that initial indications were that a soldier was apparently dragged back into the tunnel. He was unable to offer details about the soldier’s condition or whether others were killed in the attack. He said the episode began at around 9.30 a.m., about 90 minutes after the 72-hour cease-fire came into effect.


As Geraghty grimly concludes, “Is everybody who voted for [John Kerry] in 2004 proud now? Or did they have more faith in his running mate?”


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