Ed Driscoll

Horrible Optics: Obama’s Schedule Unchanged as ‘Burger Photo Op’ Moves Forward

To amend my Dr. Strangelove reference in the previous post on the Malaysian Airlines flight crashing — quite possibly due to a SAM — in Ukraine, say what you will about Peter Sellers’ effete President Muffley, but Kubrick and Terry Southern didn’t depict him heading out for a fundraiser at the Charcoal Pit burger joint after hanging up the phone with Premier Kissoff:

Gee, did he clear that healthy meal with Michelle? And note that fist bumps were also involved on a day when a plane may have been shot down:

But hey, as Twitchy (source of the above headline) notes, it’s all par for the course, to use a metaphor referencing another favorite Obama pastime:

Exit quote from my friend Steve Green:

I should ask Steve if I could borrow a cup or twenty of vodka right now.