'Pro-Hitler Hashtag Briefly Trends on Twitter'

“Activists on both sides of the the heightening Israeli-Palestinian crisis have taken to social media this week to advocate their views, though a particularly incendiary hashtag is now raising some eyebrows,” the Boston Globe reports:


The hashtag #HitlerWasRight was briefly trending on Twitter Saturday evening, and while that may be attributable to the high number of users expressing their revulsion about the topic, others in the thread expressed genuine admiration for Hitler and the Nazi Holocaust.

According to the Twitter analytics website Hashtags.org, the topic was at its peak around 5 p.m.

We collected some of the messages below. Be warned—some of the tweets contain disturbing language or images:

Yes, identifying with the Nazis will tend to do that — and note that as Jeffrey Herf of the University of Maryland wrote in his 2010 book Nazi Propaganda for the Arab World, Middle Eastern Arabs got in at that ground floor of that equation.

And speaking of Twitter, yet another reminder to be this guy:

Found via Yair Rosenberg of Tablet magazine, who tweets, “RIP Humanity.”

In addition to the Boston Globe’s archive, Twitchy has also rounded up another of the pro-Hitler tweets, including those later deleted by their authors as a reminder of their vilest impulses.


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