Ed Driscoll

Hillary Clinton Invites You to Come and See the Violence Inherent in the System

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“Hillary Complains U.S. Politics Most ‘Brutal’ In The World.” No, really:

“Who is the viable woman of either party who could win a primary nomination in 2016, if who not you?” CBS Sunday host Jane Pauley asked Clinton in yet another interview the former First Lady has given during the week of the release of her latest memoir, “Hard Choices.”

“Politics is so unpredictable,” Clinton responded. “Whoever runs has to recognize that the American political system is probably the most difficult, even brutal, in the world.”

As the America Rising PAC pointed out, the Washington Post’s congressional reporter Ed O’Keefe identified at least two other female politicians who have suffered under seemingly more brutal political systems.

As Chuck Ross of the Daily Caller writes, paraphrasing O’Keefe’s tweet, “Benazir Bhutto, who served twice as prime minister of Pakistan, was assassinated in 2007 following a political rally. Indira Gandhi was assassinated in 1984 while serving as prime minister of India.”

To be fair though, the American political system can be rather brutal on its ambassadors serving abroad — and anyone, past or present, who dares question the president.

Oh, and speaking of truly brutal political systems