Ed Driscoll

Hillary Clinton Declares War!

Well on the media, at least. Earlier today, we mentioned Hillary’s surrogates at Media Matters attacking their fellow lefties at NPR(!) after Hillary botched Terry Gross’s gay marriage questions, but as Charlie Spiering notes at Big Journalism, Hillary’s also angry with Matt Drudge as well:

In an interview on National Public Radio, host Terry Gross brought up Drudge’s question about whether Hillary was leaning on a walker on her People magazine cover. She also referred to Rove’s questions about her health.

“They are trying constantly to, you know, raise false canards, you know, plant, you know, false information, and that’s what they do,” Clinton replied, accusing both Rove and Drudge for not wanting to debate the “real issues.”

“They want people to get diverted and totally off subject, and that is their modus operandi,” she said, pointing out that the American people could see through their gamesmanship.

“[T]here’s a difference between fair game and playing games,” she added.

Because the woman who brought you “The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy,” and “What difference does it make” married to the liberal Democrat who attacked George H.W. Bush from the right for taking his party’s advice and raising taxes is all about playing fair and totally above playing games:

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In 2008, several conservative pundits noted that the leftwing media was essentially treating Hillary like a Republican in order to force her out of the Democrat primary race against Obama. Because of her own stumbles this week, Hillary is reduced to acting like a Republican presidential candidate and attacking the media on both sides of the aisle.

That’s twice now that Hillary entered the presidential with the self-assurance that the job was her’s for the taking only to crash and burn on the ground before achieving takeoff. As Ed Morrissey wrote yesterday at Hot Air, “It’s difficult to recall just when a candidate with this many advantages managed to blow them all and torpedo his or her own strategy. Oh, wait, I do — it was Hillary Clinton in 2007-8.”