Ed Driscoll

Pass the Popcorn: Media Matters is Attacking NPR

Time for a little Blue on Blue, Dumb and Dumber(er) fun: “Media Matters ‘attacking’ NPR host after Hillary Clinton spat,” as spotted by Twitchy, which notes that “part of Media Matters’ job is to make sure the MSM lapdoggies don’t stray from their assigned talking points.”

As John Sexton notes, Hillary’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week “Shows What a Difference the Media Can Make:”

None of this is really new territory for Hillary. Going all the way back to the days of bimbo eruptions and the vast right wing conspiracy, Hillary never wanted to talk specifics or let anyone else do so. Did Bill have an affair with this one or that one? How did she earn $100k trading cattle futures on a $1,000 investment? What was her role in firing travel office staff? There is hardly a single challenge that has ever been raised to which her answer was not some variation of her hand-waiving, irritated response to questions about why four people died in Benghazi: What difference at this point does it make?

And always there’s the follow-up to her quick dismissal of the past. If the past and it’s pesky details don’t matter to Hillary that’s because she’s so very enthusiastic about the future and the issues and what we can do to serve the American people and how to prevent a disaster like this from ever happening again. Hillary lives in the vague and undefined near future where life is always full of promise because nothing has happened yet.

If Hillary does run for President her behavior won’t change. She isn’t rusty. This is how she has always handled things. What has been different this week is the media. They are the ones who seem rusty, not showing Hillary the deference she expects. This week has shown what a difference that can make.

Hillary’s fumbling answer on gay marriage to Terry Gross — a question she should have expected from every leftwing journalist (and Hillary rarely if ever talks to anyone on the right) — was a reminder of what an awful retail politician she is. Not to mention why the Democrat Party prefers charismatic unknowns to run for the White House rather than established names with track records they have to defend, while their party is moving further and further to the left. In 2007, Barack Obama’s holographic charisma was enough to blow up her candidacy, which began in much the same way as this year, with Hillary acting as if the Democrat presidential nomination was hers for the taking. This year, it’s the media actually doing their job for once on one of their own, which illustrates that (as in 2008) they really don’t want Hillary to get the nomination.

Who’s the MSM’s preferred candidacy? Fauxcahontas Elizabeth Warren? Or someone even more unknown outside of MSNBC’s studios? Leave your thoughts in the comments.