As Always, Life Continues to Imitate Liberal Fascism

Well, this happened over the weekend:


“The white man is the Jew of liberal fascism,” Jonah Goldberg wrote in his 2008 book, unintentionally foreshadowing the latest racist meltdown by far left Comcast-MSNBC talking head and former Time-Warner-CNN-HBO columnist Touré Neblet.


“Few lines from my book have generated more rage and ridicule than this one,” Jonah added in a follow-up post at NRO in January of 2008. “It’s all over the lefty blogosphere. A friend of mine who keeps abreast of the lefty blog discussions of the book — largely so I don’t have to — asked me if I could explain what I meant since so many people are riffing off it out of context:”

One of the more under-appreciated motives of the Nazi extermination campaign against the Jews was how it was driven by paranoia. Nazi anti-Semitism wasn’t merely bigoted, it was conspiratorial. The Nazis and affiliated intellectuals firmly believed that the Jew was behind the scenes, pulling strings, manipulating events, rigging the system — even the language — in profound and pernicious ways. Carl Schmitt — quite popular on the left today — was tasked with the job of purging the Jewish spirit from the law. Other similar projects were launched across the political, economic and intellectual landscape. Jeffrey Herf recently wrote an absolutely brilliant book on this exact point, bringing to the fore what was long considered mere background noise of the 12 year Reich. I wrote about his book, The Jewish Enemy, here.

This paranoia itself had roots in Marxist thought — though hardly exclusively so. Marx himself was one of many ur-socialists who considered the Jew, figuratively and literally, to be the fullest realization of everything that was wrong with capitalism or the status quo. The Jew, as the classic middle-man minority (as Tom Sowell would say), seemed to stand in the way of every utopian and nationalist aspiration. When you read Nazi intellectuals discussing the influence of Judaism on Germany it’s deeply metaphysical. The Jew and by extension the “Mediterranean religion” of Christianity had poisoned the authentic German spirit and mind to the very foundations. Politically, the Nazis insisted that “the Jews” had attacked Germany first. Every bad circumstance or inconvenient fact could be laid at the feet of the Jews. Hitler even proclaimed that the conscience itself was a Jewish invention designed to keep the oppressed Aryans and others down.While still a Nazi collaborator, Paul de Man— the revered postmodern theorist who eventually taught at Yale and Cornell—wrote of the Jews, “Their cerebralness, their capacity to assimilate doctrines while maintaining a cold detachment from them,” is one of “the specific characteristics of the Jewish mind.”

I could go on, but you probably get it.


Unfortunately, MSNBC’s Touré Neblet never did, as illustrated by the above tweet.

John Nolte writes today at Big Hollywood that “Toure’s tweet prompted Efraim Zuroff, Israel office director of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, to accuse Toure of ‘reverse-racism’ and ‘disgusting anti-Semitism.'” both traits are presumably sanctioned at MSNBC (aka “Jim Crow TV”), since, as channel president Phil Griffin told NPR in 2011, “I’m a big fan of the Reverend Sharpton. I’ve known him quite a bit. he’s smart. He’s entertaining. He’s experienced. He’s thoughtful. He’s provocative, all the things I think that MSNBC is.”

And how. Though as frequent PJM contibutor Stephen Kruiser tweeted over the weekend, “Maybe we should all be more sensitive to the horrors Toure faced at his elite prep boarding school.”

And speaking of elite leftists, John spotted another bizarre Holocaust-related Tweet from another bizarre MSNBC newsreader, which appeared only a few days after Toure’s social media misadventure:


As Andrew Krell writes in response at Mediaite, “to answer your question, Ronan: No, you’re doing nothing wrong. Keep wowing us with your super smarts!”

Farrow is in tough competition with the crowd he runs with at the Comcast/NBC-owned cable network.


Update: Much more on the racial hatred Toure reveals in his tweet from Ace; read the whole thing.

More: “Antisemitism Is Systemic At MSNBC,” Jeff Dunetz writes at Truth Revolt, with a look back at numerous examples over the years at the arch left network.


And Ben Howe of Red State spots the latest in an ongoing series of cheat-and-retweet faux apologies from representatives of the NBC subsidiary network, along with Ben’s modest proposal for a follow-up article:



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