Oh, That Liberal Fascism


Say, who’s up for a little dehumanizing anti-Koch Brothers propaganda from Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi? While both the Axis and the Allies used the Octopus analogy in their propaganda during World War II, in recent years, it’s taken on a strongly anti-Semitic taint:


1389.3 Holocaust A


And I couldn’t help but think of this infamous piece of anti-American propaganda, published in 1944 by the Dutch SS-Storm magazine, when the Allies were liberating western Europe from the grasp of National Socialism starting with D-Day.


This latest propaganda by a group of socialists with nationalization on their minds begs the question: what is it about the Koch brothers that they don’t like? Their support of gay marriage, their desire to end the War or Terror, their support of high culture, or their support of legalized recreational drugs? (Not to mention their support of Democrat candidates.) Please tell us, Harry and Nancy, lest we confuse your propaganda with earlier attempts at Other-izing?

As Twitter user Michael Blum writes, “I can’t wait till Pelosi or Reid accuse someone else of ‘McCarthyism’ in the future.” As I said late last month, the world’s longest modified limited hangout has officially concluded.

Exit Tourettes:

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Update: “Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat Party Now Resorting to Vile, Anti-Semitic Imagery to Attack Private Citizens,” Doug Ross writes at his Director Blue Weblog.


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