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Ed Driscoll

Bringing New-Meaning to the Phrase, ‘Self-Hating Liberals’

April 14th, 2014 - 6:38 pm

Remember the good old days when politicians used to stay bought?

“Obama, Biden, Schumer, And Hillary Clinton Took Money From Koch Brothers,” the Weasel Zippers blog notes, along with this rather extensive chart:


“Harry Reid unavailable for comment,” the Zippers add. Instead, he’s currently experiencing his own symptoms of what George Will dubbed leftwing Tourette’s Syndrome yesterday:

Much more at Truth As Moe Lane wrote a week ago when Charles Schumer got a nasty attack of Koch Derangement Syndrome, “Did you really think that people wouldn’t go looking, Chuck?”

Oh and by the way, guess who else is a Koch-funded politician….

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All Comments   (2)
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"The chart below represents direct donations to Democratic Party candidates from Koch Industries employees ", from the original deep-linked source.

So, no.

They did not take money "from the Koch brothers" (nor is there any easy way to refuse a donation, though they could donate it to charity or something), but from people who happened to work for them at Koch Industries; presumably said people were ... Democrats.

This is pretty bad reporting even by PJM standards. Seriously.
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Return the money!!!
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