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Barryshack: White House Reporter Sent To Shed During Obama’s Golf Game

“A reporter got stuck in less than stellar surroundings Saturday,” according to Betsy Rothstein at the Daily Caller:

As President Obama golfed at the fancy Robert Trent Jones Golf Club in Gainesville, Va., an exclusive course that has hosted four President’s cups, the reporter was put in a maintenance shed.

On the way to the shed, Houston Chronicle‘s Kevin Diaz first waited in the equipment shack cafeteria (whatever that means). Later, he was sent to a “maintenance shed” to wait out the President’s golf game.

As he noted in his White House Pool Report, “POTUS motorcade departed at 4:45 from the gated, lakefront campus of Robert Trent Jones’ signature golf course, which looked like a nice place to play golf, at least from the maintenance shed where pool spent the day.”

This follows the Orlando Sentinel reporter who allowed himself to be trapped in a closet by Joe Biden’s goons handlers during a Biden fundraiser in 2011. According to a post at PJ Tatler back then, the Orlando Sentinel dropped their coverage of the story, lest they anger Fearless Leader and his Second in Command:

Some longtime journalists are furious with Biden’s team over the incident. Some are more angry at Sentinel editors for downplaying the story. Others are asking “where was the Secret Service when a crime was obviously being committed?” Others appear to have no problem with it, since it involves their “Administration that can do no wrong.”

So far, none of the DC papers or TV networks has covered the story, but of course, they are the first to cry in outrage when dictators imprison reporters overseas. What have we become: Cuba, Iran, Libya, or Stalinist Russia, that we would allow such police-state tactics to muzzle the media?

Does the “Free Press” still exist in America? Or are we relegated to the status of a Banana Republic where the media approves anything Team Obama does?

Some people saw this coming when then-Vice Presidential candidate Joe Biden exploded and flatly refused to answer the insightful questions of an Orlando television reporter when she asked about Obama’s connections to ACORN, socialism and his “spread the wealth” comments to Joe the Plumber. Since then, Biden’s mandate seems to have changed from refusing to answer embarrassing questions, to imprisoning reporters who might ask them.

As Mark Steyn quipped at the time, paraphrasing Hillaire Belloc’s take on the British media:

You cannot hope to twist or bribe
The US monodaily scribe.
He’s so cooperative, I posit,
He’ll let us lock him in the closet.

To ask why these incidents keep happening, and why the MSM is so supine in response is to answer the question.

Last week in response to pyromaniacal editor and fax machine aficionado Tina Brown’s sniffy rant on how Matt Drudge birthed the modern media world,  Ann Althouse wrote,  “If Matt Drudge got out ahead of all that major media, it’s because they did not do their job. Ironically, it was really they who were not journalists.”

Glenn Reynolds likes to refer to the MSM as “Democratic operatives with bylines.”  No wonder they willing put up with being humiliated on a regular basis by their party bosses.

I’m sure though, trapped in the caddyshack during Obama’s golf game, they received the gift of total consciousness, so they got that going for them, at least. Gunga Galunga.

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