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True Believers Finally Express First Signs of Doubt

Great moments in Chyrons: "The Obama Doctrine in Doubt," declares CNN.

This can't be good. Believe CNN! Believe! Bake Barry a fresh cake! Otherwise the whole media-industrial-Democrat complex could topple:



Besides its myriad and obvious failures in practice, the inability of its namesake to explain what exactly "The Obama Doctrine" is also contributes to doubts among the faithful, as Ed Morrissey writes at Hot Air:

The only thing missing from Barack Obama’s defense of his stumbling foreign policy was the word “inherited.” Fox’s Ed Henry asked Obama earlier today to explain the “Obama Doctrine” that drives foreign policy in the wake of the disarray in Ukraine, Syria, and the Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, among other flops. Obama responded that he didn’t have the time in the presser to detail an “Obama Doctrine,” but he took the time to declare that his predecessor’s was all about military intervention:

Ed quotes a tweet noting that Obama's reply to Henry was "I doubt I am going to have time to outline my entire foreign policy," but apparently it involves a potent cocktail of leading from behind, Staples "That Was Easy"-style reset buttons, speeches downloaded to iPod players, and Twitter hashtags.

Or [perhaps the flummoxed president needs Charlie Gibson staring down at him arrogantly over his half-frames and demanding an answer to help focus his mind.