Ed Driscoll

The Left's Intimidation Tactics are Wearing Out

“Failing Liberals Turn To Oppression To Hold On To Power,” Kurt Schlichter writes at Townhall:

If you’re a conservative, you don’t need to silence the opposition.

In fact, we conservatives want liberals to talk, to make buffoons of themselves, to prove their folly. We want liberals to expound upon their ridiculous ideas, to show the world exactly what they’re about. Nancy Pelosi? Give that tiresome woman a microphone. Chatty liberals are the best advertisement for conservatism.

But liberals just can’t have conservatives speaking. We’ll tell the truth, and that’s why liberals need to shut us up.

Their traditional intimidation tactics are wearing out. Calling someone a “racist” used to be a devastating moral indictment. Liberals’ promiscuous employment of the word first turned it into a cliché and then into an ironic punchline.

I know, saying that out loud is racist. And sexist. And cisgender heteronormative, whatever the hell that means.

So now liberals have stepped up to formal governmental repression. Take the IRS scandal – or ex-scandal, in the eyes of the mainstream media. The Obama administration, at the urging of red state Democrat senators who are about to lose their seats because of their track records of failure, are doing everything they can to turn the taxman loose on the organizations that are pointing out their track records of failure.

Sure, the liberals come up with excuses, with justifications, with rationales for this prima facie oppression. But understand that the left was never against political repression. The left is only against being repressed itself.

It’s open season on everyone else. Don’t dare bow down to god whose name isn’t spelled “G – O – V – E – R – N – M – E – N – T.” Today’s heretic hunters work for Kathleen Sebelius, ready to burn you at the stake for expecting grown men and women to come up with the dough for their own contraceptives. No one expects the HHS Inquisition!


Ground Zero of the current wave of Democrat intimidation of conservatives arguably began with the minions of then-Gov. Ted Strickland of Ohio in late 2008 and his efforts to silence and harass a private citizen after his impertinence in asking an inconvenient question to a presidential candidate. While Karl Rove is no longer as popular on the right as he was a a decade ago, he deserves enormous credit for calling him out yesterday after Strickland attacked Chris Christie on “Bridgegate.”

As Glenn Reynolds noted:

Strickland can go on about “Bridgegate,” but it was his own people who broke the law to circulate dirt on Joe The Plumber in 2008, solely because he dared to ask Obama a tough question. This little bit of thuggery involving abuse of power, corrupt officialdom, and intolerance for dissent turned out to prefigure the Obama Administration quite accurately.

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Of course, such tactics aren’t new, as Kathleen Willey reminded us yesterday; her message was amplified dramatically via the Drudge Report:

Kathleen Willey, the former volunteer aide to Bill Clinton who says she was sexually harassed by the president in the 1990s, is now sounding the alarm about the potential danger of Hillary Clinton becoming president.

“Hillary Clinton is the war on women, and that’s what needs to be exposed here,” Willey said Sunday night on Aaron Klein’s WABC Radio show.

“The point is what this woman is capable of doing to other women while she’s running a campaign basically on women’s issues. It just doesn’t make any sense. She singlehandedly orchestrated every one of the investigations of all these women [who accused her husband of sexual crimes]. They’re the people reminding us of how sordid this all is.”


As Rand Paul’s repeated reminders about the Clintons’ sordid past remind voters, it’s also “making it painful for Democrats to bring up their ‘war on women’ crap…instead of giving them a free pass,” Glenn Reynolds recently noted. If it becomes painful enough for them to do that, they’ll abandon the tactic. Even a flatworm is smart enough to turn away from pain.”

Faster please. “War on Truth is the Obama administration’s middle name, and sometimes seems to be its actual goal,” David Gelernter writes in the new Weekly Standard. “Elections are approaching. Let us at least hear about this war on truth, from every last Republican candidate, for every office, at every level, every day. American culture, society, civilization are at stake. Please.”


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