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“Politically Correct Piers Morgan Falls Prey to P.C. Police in Furor Over Transgenderism,” Matthew Balan writes today at Newsbusters:

Piers Morgan was left aghast on his CNN program on Wednesday over “being viciously abused by the transgender community,” in his words, over an interview he conducted with Janet Mock the previous evening. Mock, who claims transgendered status, expressed outrage on Twitter over the way Morgan handled the LGBT issue, which led to the CNN host receiving a “firestorm” of criticism from left-wing activists online.

Morgan brought Mock back on for a second interview, and repeatedly whined that he shouldn’t have been “vilified” by the supporters of the author (whose book is titled “Redefining Realness: My Path to Womanhood, Identity, Love & So Much More”) because he has been an “open supporter” of the LGBT activists’ agenda: [MP3 audio available here; video below the jump]

PIERS MORGAN: I have spent an infuriating 24 hours – and I want you to explain why I’ve had to go through this because – let me start from this premise. I have always been 100 percent supportive of all gay rights, gay marriage rights, transgender rights. In fact, I want equality for everyone in America and around the world. That’s always been my position. Anyone who watches this show knows that’s exactly what I’ve always stood for.

I had you on the show. You had – you wrote a very powerful book. I did nothing but laud your courage. I said you’re a fantastic person to be out there – center stage – sending the message that there’s no need to stigmatize transgender people. I called you a woman throughout the interview. I never disputed the fact that you’re a woman. And yet today, I have spent literally 12 hours being viciously abused by the transgender community – egged on by your own Tweeting last night – that you were somehow very dismayed by the way the interview had gone.


(Emphasis mine.) So Piers doesn’t like someone who’s uncomfortable with how a segment on Morgan’s show has gone taking to Twitter afterwards for a little trash talk? He had no problem with the concept a year ago, after Ben Shapiro cleaned Morgan’s clock on the issue of gun control. As John Nolte noted back then at Big Journalism, “Sore Losers: Piers Team Mock Shapiro on Twitter After Debate:”

It’s pretty obvious Breitbart editor-at-large Ben Shapiro’s command performance on “Piers Morgan Tonight” has gotten under the skin of the left-wing media. Apparently, Shapiro’s command of facts, logic, world history, and the Constitution not only left Morgan rattled and speechless, but also did the same to the CNN network as a whole. How else to explain this series of petulant Tweets fired off by CNN senior producer Steve Krakauer:


After “15 hours and a full night to sleep on it, Nolte concluded, “the entire CNN media-complex still can’t come up with an intellectually honest rebuttal to the points Shapiro made last night. So rather than accept defeat like adults, CNN senior producers choose to start publicly hurling non sequiturs covered in mud.”

And Nolte even spotted Morgan retweeting at least one of his producer’s shots at his guest. Flash-forward to today, and now Morgan is furious — or at least pretending to be  — at a guest for doing to him the same thing he and a producer* did to one of their guests.

What goes around comes around — no wonder, with the exception of those unfortunate souls trapped in airport departure lounges, the rest of the nation has tuned out the soap opera that CNN has sadly chosen to become in recent years.


Speaking of which, elsewhere at CNN, as Rush Limbaugh notes, “Sam Zell Defends the 1%; Carol Costello Has a Cow.” Wait’ll she discovers the net worth of the guy who, a quarter of a century ago, created the network that now employs her…

* Who’s now employed by Glenn Beck’s The Blaze, astonishingly enough.

Update: “‘The View’s’ Whoopi Goldberg Laments Conservative Women Drive Ratings.” As with Piers and his staff, provided she disagrees with their ideology, Whoopi has no compunctions against Tweeting negative comments about her guests on Twitter after they appear on her show.

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Update (2/7/14): Welcome those clicking in from down under, via Tim Blair’s long-running Weblog at the Daily Telegraph.

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