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Responsibility? The Left is Totally Forgainst It

Nancy Pelosi, during her segment last week on Jon Stewart’s Daily Show, “provides the fullest understanding of the Democrat Party view of their value system that you have ever heard,” PJM alumnus Tony Katz writes:


When you listen to the response, it’s rambling. Stewart presses, asking about how Democrats can prove their case about the competence of government. Pelosi gives the beginning of the understanding of the modern Democrat party: (emphasis mine)

Again, if you’re dealing with people who have no agenda (Republicans)…it’s very hard to negotiate with them. And sowe are responsible. In other words, call us responsible

Stewart asks about Obamacare, the website and why is it so difficult to get a company that can build a website competently. Pelosi answers, “I don’t know.”

You’d think that was the big surprise. That her “I don’t know” was the lead. But it’s not. Stewart, laughing at her “I don’t know” answer, exclaims, “What do you mean you don’t know! How do you not know?”

Pelosi answers quickly, with a straight face, dropping the other shoe right in Jon Stewart’s face:

Well, it’s not my responsibility

The modern Democrat Party is the party of responsibility, right up until the point where they have to take responsibility. Then, they are not responsible.

Well, they were totally for the idea before they were against it, which is DNC SOP. Just ask the man who would be JFK Mark II.

Related: “ObamaCare was supposed to help me,” Tennessee resident Emilie Lamb writes today in the New York Post:

That’s all I could think as I sat in the House of Representatives last Tuesday night as the guest of my congresswoman, only a few hundred feet away from President Obama as he gave his State of the Union address. Four years ago, I’d have been there cheering for ObamaCare’s passage. But the real ObamaCare has made my life a nightmare.

I suffer from a difficult chronic illness called lupus, an autoimmune disease with devastating symptoms that strike when you least expect them. At age 40, my life is filled with visits to doctors, specialists and the emergency room. While paying for this care is expensive, I have no other choice.

Prior to ObamaCare, I bought my health insurance through CoverTN, a program run by the state of Tennessee. The coverage was perfectly suited to my unique medical condition. It offered me low premiums, a low deductible and low co-pays for my regular trips to doctors and specialists. This plan was perfect for someone with my unique medical condition and limited financial means.

My plan was canceled last fall. According to the regulators behind ObamaCare, it was a subpar plan that should no longer be sold to consumers. Another 16,000 Tennesseans on the same plan were similarly dumped. Many, like me, liked their plans and wanted to keep them.


Read the whole thing, as another Tennessee resident would say.

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