Ed Driscoll

Déjà Touré

“Touré: How to Christmas Shop While Being Black,” as spotted by Bradford Thomas of Truth Revolt, who’s doing yeoman’s work by watching MSNBC during this holiday season, so you and I don’t have to:

MSNBC’s Touré dedicated the final segment of The Cycle Monday to his default racially-charged social commentary — this time in the form of how-to Christmas shopping advice for African-Americans.

Touré advised his African-American viewers that in order to avoid the “shop-and-frisk,” they should do their best to make themselves appear “non-threatening” by dressing well, waving to security cameras, speaking articulately, shaking security guards’ hands, and, if possible, bringing a white friend (though not an attractive white girl if you’re a black male).

Haven’t I seen this premise before? Why, yes I have. Well over a decade ago, according to Wikipedia’s air dates for the original Chris Rock Show:

[jwplayer config=”pjmedia_eddriscoll” mediaid=”69917″ width=”340″]

(Language alert, needless to say.) And Chris Rock’s brilliant clip is yet another reminder, as Orrin Judd likes to say, all comedy is conservative, whether their makers intend it to be or not.