Ed Driscoll

Barack to the Future


“The perfect Barack Obama – who’s a perfect physical specimen” — Piers Morgan went retro last night, gets a 2008-era man crush over Mr. Obama, after first trashing Chris Christie’s weight:

PIERS MORGAN, HOST: Chris Christie, is his weight a genuine issue for the American people after a fit athletic president who turned out to be not quite what people thought? Does it matter that Chris Christie is a big guy?

JUDY SMITH, CRISIS MANAGEMENT EXPERT: You know what? I think that, I would hope that the public would focus on selecting a president based on where they think the country should go, what the policies and practices of the president, and not really based on weight.

* * * * * * * *

MORGAN: But you have to be presentable?

SMITH: Absolutely, you have to be presentable. Of course you have to.

MORGAN: But does it [unintelligible], after the perfect Barack Obama – who’s a perfect physical specimen to many people’s eyes – does it matter? Or is it actually somebody very different, somebody who’s much more of a regular kind of guy who likes cheeseburgers and beer and, but appears to be a straight talker? Somebody who is perhaps more of a straight talker than it appears Barack Obama turned out to be?

We’ll see another nostalgic leftwing cable host on Thursday gushing even more romantic thoughts:

On Thursday, MSNBC host Chris Matthews, who infamously claimed that President Obama gave him a “thrill” up his leg, will be interviewing Obama at American University in Washington, D.C. Obama will also answer questions from the student audience, as well as some questions submitted online. Obama recently held an off-the-record meeting with several MSNBC hosts at the White House in the aftermath of his failing Obamacare rollout.

Share the love; share the fantasy for what could have been, if only reality hadn’t gotten in the way:

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And speaking of reality, as opposed to the White House/MSM construct, “President Barack Obama’s approval rating has slid beneath the 40-percent mark for the first time ever in the Real Clear Politics polling average.”