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Julia Has Become an Unperson


As Moe Lane writes, "If this is true, it’s the funniest thing that I’ve heard all week:"

Is the old Obama campaign slideshow “Life of Julia” anywhere to be found on the web?

Back in May 2012, everyone was talking about that graphic depiction of the benefits of various government programs. Remember?

Barack Obama has a new composite girlfriend, and her name is Julia. Her story is told in an interactive feature titled “The Life of Julia” on the Obama campaign website. Julia, who has no face, is depicted at various ages from 3 through 67, enjoying the benefits of various Obama-backed welfare-state programs.

I have something I’d like to say about it, but I can’t find it anywhere on the web. It’s not at the link everyone linked to when everyone was talking about it, which was at the Obama campaign website. The campaign is over, so I guess there’s no obligation to continue to host it, but this was an important historical document, and it shouldn’t fall down the memory hole.

Still though, I'll always remember the doubleplusgood times Julia and I had together in the room above Mr. Charrington's shop, sneaking away from the weekly Two-Minute Hate and the Outer Party rallies and telescreened mass hangings in Victory Square.

Update: “Julia was the one who designed the Obamacare website.” Which would explain why she's been "disappeared" -- she's either been vanquished to Room 101, or she's been invited to join the Inner Party, depending upon what you think its failure implies for the future of socialized medicine in Oceania.