The Coalition of the Wild-Eyed

Then: “National Journal’s Hirsh: Time for a moral sanction against gun metaphors similar to the ‘N’ word:”

On Thursday’s MSNBC airing of “Hardball,” [Michael] Hirsh told host Chris Matthews certain “gun” terms should be stricken from political discourse…

“That’s the kind of language I think we got to have a hard think about now,” Hirsh said. “Do we really want to continue to use that kind of language at these levels? Or, should there be kind of a social sanction, not a legal one, but a moral sanction in the way that we’ve stopped using certain epithets like the ‘n’-word public forums. Stop using that kind of language, those kinds of metaphors.”


 Now: Gun and other violent metaphors and eliminationist rhetoric run amok from leftists gone wild:

[jwplayer config=”pjmedia_eddriscoll” mediaid=”67711″]

If only NBC would call out their fellow leftists for using rhetoric that NBC previous condemned as racist hate-speech.

(Oh yeah — almost forgot.)

Update: Two networks in one! “Mainstream Media Scream: NBC’s Brian Williams hits GOP ‘Suicide Caucus.'”

Chris Matthews must be very disappointed in the racist n-word equivalent eliminationist rhetoric of his fellow network anchorman…



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