Ed Driscoll

'The Story of WWII is No Longer Taught'


Responding the Obama administration closing down the World War II Memorial in DC with its “Barry-cades,” Rush Limbaugh explores why the World War II memorial “was the last of the memorials to go up:”

Now, one of the reasons for that — and, you know, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial was prominent.  One of the reasons for the Vietnam vet memorial was this country did not honor those people at the time.  The World War II vets were heroes.  They were honored.  And please don’t misunderstand me here.  The returning Vietnam vets were spat upon, and no thanks to people like Jane Fonda and Tom Hayden. Hell, people from the sixties left traveled in the Clintons’ orb at that time.  But the World War II vets, they had books written about ’em, Greatest Generation, movies made about them, about their achievements, and yet they had not had a memorial.  They had seen other memorials go up.

So finally there was a memorial to the World War II vets.  And the reason it became important to ’em is simply the passage of time and the changing curriculum in history.  They became aware at the end of their lives how few young people really knew what they’d done, the stakes that were faced.  It just, like so much of the history curriculum, had been — in this case, not bastardized, they just took the occasion, the multiculturalists took the occasion of taking out whatever there was about World War II and supplementing, replacing some other cockamamie anti-western civ course or curriculum for it.  It wasn’t that World War II was bastardized and taught as a bad thing.  Not that.  It was just that it was ignored.

But increasingly, in the eyes of Hollywood, which views World War II as merely yet another nihilistic, meaningless struggle, the EU, which has taken to retconning it into “The European Civil War,” and the Black Armband left in general (all the way to the Smithsonian), World War II is being increasingly bastardized by the left into meaninglessness.

It will be interesting to see how much further World War II history is revised in another 20 years. But then, it will be amazing to watch how our current history will be distorted by future generations as well.