MSNBC: The Bomb Syria Now Network


As Steven Den Beste once said, 1984: a warning for the rest of us, a how-to guide for the left. Linking to a Newsbusters post spotting MSNBC’s “pro-Obama propaganda memes,” Stacy McCain asks, “Could the Creepy Orwellian Vibe at MSNBC Possibly Get Any Creepier?”


Ace of Spades highlighted this, and I was tempted to write an entire post explaining how MSNBC has maneuvered itself into its current bizarre predicament as The Bomb Syria Now Network.

I Watch MSNBC So You Don’t Have To™ and I can report that it’s Crazyville over there nowadays. Viewers must find themselve’s waxing nostalgic for the calm and reasoned voice of Keith Olbermann.

Fortunately, the cavalry’s on its way; Olbermann’s replacement as the Sober Adult Voice of Reason, the Man with the Gravitas, will soon be arriving at MSNBC to restore order to chaos:


Update: Ed Morrissey notes that “ executive editor Richard Wolffe — who wrote not one but two Obama-friendly books over the last four years,” called Obama’s press conference in St. Petersburg “actually embarrassing” and “muddled and unconvincing.” And that fellow Obama cheerleaders Alex Wagner and Eugene Robinson have a sad as well:


If Obama is this far from making the sale on what has been his most friendly media ground, how much more difficult will it be four days from now, on the anniversaries of 9/11 and Benghazi, when he tries to sell the American public on military intervention that will benefit the terrorists behind both attacks?

Fortunately, Mr. Obama will always have a buddy at MSNBC in Ed Schultz, who naturally blames Syria on…well, you know.


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