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Just Don't Mention the War

“Obama’s Aides Reject ‘Passé Tactic’ of Addressing Americans Ahead of Syria Attack,” says left-leaning Mediaite:

With military action against Syria set to begin within hours, according to reports, President Barack Obama and his administration are determining what legal route to take in order to justify the attack. According to NBC News White House reporter Chuck Todd, the administration is leery of seeking Congressional support for a mission in Syria because Congress many decline to bless such an operation. Now, according to reports from POLITICO’s Glenn Thrush, Obama may seek to avoid the American people as well.

Thrush reported on Wednesday that, based on his conversations with aides to the president, Obama will not address the American people about the mission in Syria before hostilities commence. Thrush reports that Obama’s advisors believe addressing Americans from the gravity of the Oval Office or the East Room is “passé.” Furthermore, most Americans who care about the mission in Syria will learn the logic behind it from cable news.


Television is an “old medium?” A rather curious statement from a media-junky president who still gives a weekly radio speech each week.

Oh and speaking of curious statements:

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said Tuesday that virtually no one doubted that Assad’s government had carried out a chemical attack last week. But the Obama administration has yet to reveal the intelligence that led to that conclusion.

Syria’s foreign minister, Walid Moallem, denied that government forces had used chemical weapons. “I dare them to produce any single piece of evidence,” he said at a news conference in Damascus, the Syrian capital.

White House officials cautioned that Obama was still considering the options, but the administration appeared positioned to act quickly once he chooses a course. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said during a visit to Brunei that the Pentagon was prepared to strike targets in Syria and hinted that such a move could come within days.

Some experts said U.S. warships and submarines in the eastern Mediterranean could fire cruise missiles at Syrian targets as early as Thursday night, beginning a campaign that could last two or three nights. Obama leaves next Tuesday for a four day trip to Sweden and Russia, which strongly supports Assad’s government, for the G-20 economic summit.

One U.S. official who has been briefed on the options on Syria said he believed the White House would seek a level of intensity “just muscular enough not to get mocked” but not so devastating that it would prompt a response from Syrian allies Iran and Russia.

Just muscular enough not to get mocked? Says the US official who (likely) works for a man who poses in front of Styrofoam columns and says stuff like:

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So far this year, we’ve had “peace in our time” out of the mouth of Mr. Obama at the start of his administration, and “just muscular enough not to get mocked,” today from an aide.; quite a double-barreled blast of foreign policy incompetence. With even the Obama-worshipers at (the formerly) Washington Post-owned Slate noting that “just 9 percent of Americans supporting intervention in Syria,” it’s no wonder Mr. Obama, like Basil Fawlty before him, would prefer that no one mention the war.

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