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Email of the Day

Linking to Bloomberg.com's racist article headlined "House Republicans Set to Defy Obama Are Mostly White Men," which we linked to last night, Prof. William A. Jacobson of the Legal Insurrection Blog writes an open letter to the "news" Website:


I’m going to be writing about your story tomorrow, and was wondering if you could give a statement as to why you deemed it relevant to focus on the race and gender of the people in Congress opposing Obama.

Specifically, do you believe that the race and gender of the Congressmen opposing Obama are causally related to their policy positions opposing Obama? If so, in what way do you believe there is a causal link? If not, why did you choose to highlight race and gender as the major theme as evidenced by the headline?

If you could respond by 10 a.m. Eastern [Sunday], that would be appreciated.

William A. Jacobson

Legal Insurrection Blog

"So far, no response," Prof. Jacobson writes.

Unexpectedly! (Read on for a look at Bloomberg.com's equally unexpectedly "mostly white" senior staffers.)