Ed Driscoll

'There are Eight Million Stories in the Naked City – and That’s Just Weiner'

Mark Steyn on the latest exploits of Carlos Danger:

What’s the point of regulating porn in a world in which voters are willing to elect a serial porn fantasist who uploads his erections? Who needs Larry Flynt?

America has a peculiarly schizophrenic attitude to this: If you show a nipple on network TV, CBS will get fined by the regulators. But, if you show your penis to the planet, you can get elected to high office (and appoint the regulators).

Weiner now says that he and Huma have put what they always knew was in front of them behind them. New Yorkers are the fools of the planet if they follow that advice.

And very likely, they are.

Incidentally, either the New York Jets or Giants have to trade for Michael Vick. This must happen, and soon. Who doesn’t want to see Ron Mexico playing in the city likely to be governed by Carlos Danger?