Ed Driscoll

The Knack of the Instalanche and How to Get It

At Freedomworks, Jimmie Bise explains how the Blogosphere works:

The most earnest desire for any blogger, no matter if they’re a big-time political writer on a national website or a lone hobbyist writing about his love for miniature wargaming, is more traffic. Wait, I mean MOAR TRAFFIC! I have to be “pop-culturally relevant” here or you’ll all stop reading and I’ll be cast into outer darkness, which for us new media folks means a horrid land where no one visits your blog and millenials walk by and laugh at you until you grab your handy cane, shake it furiously, and demand they get of your lawn….err, where was I?

Right. Web traffic. Visitors. Hits. The sweet, sweet manna of the online world. There is nothing, and I mean nothing, like checking your site traffic one afternoon to find a traffic spike soaring upward like the Burj Dubai thanks to a link from Professor Glenn Reynolds, the Instapundit. Known also as The Blogfather, because his blogging inspired quite literally dozens if not hundreds to take up the keyboard. Reynolds’ blog is one of the most widely-read on the Internet. A link from him, also called an Instalanche or ‘Lanche’ if you want to sound cool, can crash a website. I know because he’s crashed mine a couple times.

Read the whole thing, to coin an Insta-phrase.

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