Ed Driscoll

Far Left Nation Magazine Calls for President's Impeachment


“Nothing less is necessary to protect our constitutional system and preserve our democracy,” insists Democrat Elizabeth Holtzman of New York. As Eric Owens of the Daily Caller notes, Holtzman “sat on the House Judiciary Committee during the Watergate era.” in the pages of The Nation, “she powerfully yet dispassionately lays out the case for the immediate impeachment of the president:”

The last straw for the retired Congresswoman was the revelation that the president “directed the wiretapping of hundreds, possibly thousands, of Americans” (a number that is likely conservative).

“As a matter of constitutional law, these and other misdeeds constitute grounds for the impeachment,” writes Holtzman in her bombshell treatise. “A President, any President, who maintains that he is above the law — and repeatedly violates the law — thereby commits high crimes and misdemeanors, the constitutional standard for impeachment and removal from office.”

The eloquent Harvard Law grad provides a devastating legal critique of the vast executive-branch scheme to log every phone call in the United States.

“It now appears that thousands of calls were monitored and that the information obtained may have been widely circulated among federal agencies,” Holtzman writes.

The skilled jurist also draws eerily ominous parallels between what’s happening right now and the actions of the corrupt Nixon administration.

“Among his other abuses of power, President Nixon ordered the FBI to conduct warrantless wiretaps of seventeen journalists and White House staffers,” Holtzman sagely explains. “In fact, the first illegal Nixon wiretap was of a reporter who, in 1969, revealed the secret bombing of Cambodia, a program that President Nixon wanted to hide from the American people and Congress.”

The president, Holtzman says, “has been guilty of such gross incompetence or reckless indifference to his obligation to execute the laws faithfully as to call into question whether he takes his oath seriously or is capable of doing so.”

Since this is a family and sanity-friendly Website, I very rarely advise clicking to the Nation without going through an intermediary Website as a sort of buffer zone. But this is one time I highly recommend clicking over there to read the whole thing.

(Holtzman article originally found by Orrin Judd of the Brothers Judd Website.)