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We Are All Socialists Now


"A reminder to big-government enthusiasts: this is in fact what you ordered," Moe Lane writes:

:gesturing around, vaguely: All of this.  This is what people get when they operate under the assumption that the default answer to the question Should the government get involved in this situation? is Yes.  Remember, the government is not actually alive.  It has no self-awareness, no independent judgement, and certainly no common sense.  So there’s darn little in the way of negative feedback – and it shows. Hoo, boy, does it show.

As I put it a while back:

"Remember, this is not a failure of the system. This is the system," Moe tweeted last month.

Hey, at the start of the Obama administration, Newsweek (back when it was controlled by the Washington Post) declared that "We Are All Socialists Now." They meant it as a good thing. But how exactly did they think it wasn't going to end with America becoming East Germany?

Or a rehash of the Wilson administration, come to thing of it.