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CNN Solves Problem of Piers Morgan's 'Liberal' Overreach...

…By finding a host who’s even further to the left than Morgan:

Meet your new late-night CNN host George Stroumboulopoulos, who feels the Toronto Mayor’s alleged use of a gay slur was worse than if he had a crack addiction, and thinks New York City Mayor Bloomberg is a “right-winger” whose soda ban revealed that his “heart’s in the right place” and whose support for “marriage equality” was “fantastic.”

Stroumboulopoulos, currently a nightly CBC television host, will host a weekly talk show debuting on Sunday night June 9 and airing on Friday nights at 11 p.m. ET. CNN announced his show would focus on a variety of issues from sports to pop culture to politics. In an interview with HuffPost Live, he revealed his beliefs on multiple issues including legalization of pot, guns, gay marriage, and current politicians.

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Piers Morgan may not be the only international CNN host anymore who thinks America has a gun problem:

“But it’s a country built on liberty. And guns is part of the Constitution, and no one is willing to have that tough conversation with Congress and Senate and the President to say maybe that’s got to change. Maybe people talk about it, but I mean actual change.”

The CBC host is “uncomfortable” with America’s easy access to guns:

“Look at how many guns are around. Look how easy it is to get a gun. You can go to a department store and get a gun in this country. That makes me uncomfortable, because I grew up in a city where if you have a gun, you’re going to jail. We don’t have the same culture of guns. We don’t have John Wayne’s, dude. Hollywood has perpetuated this thing, and a lot of people in Hollywood go on and on about how they hate guns, but they’re the ones that make these movies that have sensationalized violence for so long. What did they think was going to happen?”

Meanwhile, back to mayors, apparently New York City’s Michael Bloomberg is a “right-winger”:

“He’s a bit nanny-statey. Which I think is really an interesting choice for a U.S. politician, especially for a right-winger. But all his nanny-state stuff is actually in a weird way to benefit the people.”

However, Bloomberg’s heart is in the right place:

“His heart’s in the right place. Because he’s actually really smart enough to understand that ultimately, you guys, the people, have to foot the bill in some way for health care, insurance costs, all that stuff. So he’s at least trying to address the root of the problem. I’m fascinated how people are like ‘Give me liberty or death!’ Well actually sometimes liberty gives you death. So I’m fascinated by the reaction that he gets.”

Can Jeff Zucker, the man who previous broke NBC before coming to CNN earlier this year pick ’em or what?

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Particularly when it comes to the Islamic world, CNN sure does like to the keep the news to themselves, don’t they?