Ed Driscoll

Calling Mr. Oswald with the Swastika Tattoo

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“White supremacist turns up at court in full Nazi regalia to fight for custody of his children — including one who he named Adolf,” the London Daily Mail reports, with photos too surreal to believe, except that they match up with the above video clip from Philadelphia’s NBC affiliate:

A white supremacist appeared at court on Monday dressed in full Nazi uniform as he tried to convince a judge that he was a good father — despite having named one of his children Adolf.
Heath Campbell, who had four children, asked the judge to be allowed to see his 18-month-old son Hons.

The self-proclaimed Nazi, from New Jersey, has given three of his children Nazi-inspired names but claims he is fit to be a father and has never abused them. 

The 40-year-old white supremacist appeared at a hearing in Hunterdon County Family Court in Flemington, NJ this morning. His regalia included knee-high black boots and swastika patches.

And a swastika tattoo on his neck. “Adolf Hitler Campbell, six, and his younger sisters Joycelynn Aryan Nation, five, and Honszlynn Hinler, four, were taken into custody in January 2009,” according to the Daily Mail. “The Nazi-inspired names came to light after a store refused to decorate a birthday cake reading ‘Happy birthday Adolf Hitler’ in December 2008.”

But why would someone who is that obsessed with the precepts of National Socialism question an order from a representative of The State? (Particularly when doing so rarely worked out well in das vaterland?)

(Headline via Mr. D. MacManus.)