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All the President's Stenographers

Woodward and Bernstein left the building a long time ago. Either that or — heaven forefend, the Washington Post has different standards for each party when they’re in the White House: sink the GOP, and roll over like a kitten waiting to be stroked for its fellow Democrats.

“Washington Post: The Justice Department has allowed us to say AG Holder supports press freedom,” Sean Higgins writes at crosstown rival the Washington Examiner, complete with a terrific headline:

As The Washington Examiner‘s own Susan Ferrechio reports Friday most news organizations boycotted on principle Attorney General Eric Holder’s offer to join a press conference Thursday  in which he discussed the Obama’s White House various efforts to monitor, intimidate and harass journalists. Holder’s condition was that the meeting be “off the record,” meaning none of the reporters would be allowed to report what was said at the meeting.

Among those who did attend was the Washington Post. Today’s Post has an account of the meeting — sort of. That is, they have a story about what the Justice Department allowed them to say about its efforts to protect press freedom. The result is just beyond parody (All emphasis is added):

How does Holder’s off-the-record briefing differ from the talking points the Post-enabled Juicebox Mafia presumably receive on a daily basis?

Speaking of which, a leftwing Politico Obama stenographer has a sad about the president; Jim Geraghty attempts to cheer him him a little:

Perhaps Thrush could write a daily advice email to the president to make himself better known, as this CNN “journalist” admitted to writing in January — every day of Mr. Obama’s first term.

When leftwing “journalists” start sounding like prepubescent girls at the height of Beatlemania, no wonder, as Peter Wehner writes at the Weekly Standard, the media will always love Obama; “It’s only a matter of time before the media are back in the tank.”

Unless, in the case of the Washington Post, they never left to come up for air in the first place.

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