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Great Moments in Cognitive Dissonance

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Oh, that return of the primitive.

“You know that Reason.tv‘s got a good video when they can’t get past the intro without being (apparently) assaulted by one of Teh Crazy People,” Moe Lane writes. “In this particular case, it’s Teh Anti-GMO Crazy people.  You know: the ones that the Democrats don’t like to talk about when the conversation turns to The War On Science.”

(Not to be confused with the anti-vaccine people and the anti-pesticide people. and the anti-car people, and the anti-air conditioning people, and the anti…)

As Reason TV’s Sharif Mater, the man being tackled at the start of the above video (by a guy you just know has a Co-Exist bumper sticker on his Prius) notes:

Waving signs that read “Hell no, GMO” and “Monsanto — True Evil,” hundreds of protesters gathered in Los Angeles, CA on Saturday to demonstrate against genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and the companies that produce them. Despite a growing consensus from major scientific organizations that there is no harm associated with GMOs, those that turned out remained firm in their belief that genetically engineered food is dangerous and rejected contrary views as “lies” or simply the product of scientists bought off by the industry.

Reason TV visited the “March Against Monsanto” rally to find out what the protesters hoped to accomplish and why they continued to reject the prevailing pro-GMO science.

It’s one thing for conservatives and libertarians not to trust the government, but the people in the above video, LA’s strident socialists, both want more and more and more of Big Government, even as they’re absolutely terrified by the notion of what it will bring forth, a strange moment of cognitive dissonance from self-styled “Progressives” who are truly against progress. Their anti-science obsession is also fascinating given that their forefathers a century ago were soaked-to-the-bone technocrats and eugenicists. Or as Moe writes, “Seriously. If you want to lecture me about how people need to go back to nature, fine, OK.  BUT TAKE OFF YOUR GORAM GLASSES FIRST. You need to at least pretend that you believe your own BS, all right?”

Speaking of which, I meant to link to this last week, while I was on my ill-fated Voyage into Volvulus:

On Wednesday, the city of Portland, Ore., overwhelmingly voted down a proposal to add fluoride to the city’s drinking water – making it the largest city in the United States without fluoride in its water supply or any plans to add it.

In what turned into a highly contentious matter, both supporters and opponents of water fluoridation raised a combined $1 million to rally support for their respective sides, and the opposing groups even accused one another of stealing each other’s yard signs.

While proponents of fluoridation outnumbered the opponents three-to-one, Portlanders rejected the proposal, with a 60 percent to 40 percent vote. The main reason given by anti-fluoride voters? Concern over adding a potentially dangerous chemical to the city’s natural water.

But what does the science say? Does community water fluoridation pose dangerous health concerns? Most studies say ‘No.’

You know, when you’re channeling Sterling Hayden in Dr. Strangelove, you might just be doing it wrong.

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