Ed Driscoll

Snowfalls Are Now Just a Thing of the Past

Then: in 2000,  the New York Times sniffed, “it does not take a scientist to size up the effects of snowless winters on the children too young to remember the record-setting blizzards of 1996. For them, the pleasures of sledding and snowball fights are as out-of-date as hoop-rolling, and the delight of a snow day off from school is unknown.”

Now: “‘Winter’ — maybe even snow — to return for Memorial Day weekend,” according to NBC today. “And weather.com said it could even get cold enough to see snow at higher altitudes in northern New York, northern Vermont, northern New Hampshire and northern Maine.”

Maybe turning a few lights on in the house might warm things up a little.

(Headline via a unintentionally classic 2000 headline from the London Independent.)