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Who Will Be Underbussed First?

In between some thoughts on a gibberish tweet from Media Matters (aren't they all?), at the Breitbart.com Conversation, John Hayward speculates on who might go under the bus first:

The groundwork is now laid for a big coordinated push by Democrat operatives in the media to portray Clinton as a rogue loose cannon who cooked up these phony talking points with the assistance of protocol droids like Victoria Nuland, while poor helpless Barack Obama was completely out of the loop.  Why, he and Biden were probably as shocked as the rest of us to hear Gregory Hicks' testimony yesterday!

The bus will roll over Nuland first - she's going to be painted as a loose cannon who spent days doctoring intelligence reports without the knowledge of poor, helpless Hillary Clinton.  If that doesn't work, Hillary will be the next deer frozen in the headlights... except the Clintons don't do that deer-in-the-headlights stuff.  They fight back.  That will make things interesting, especially as people like Boehlert find their in-boxes filling up with conflicting talking points from Team Obama and Team Clinton.

Jay Carney was so spooked today that he's blaming it all on Mitt Romney.

As Paul Brandus of The Week writes that "The dam bursts on Benghazi -- Thanks to a bombshell report from ABC News, GOP accusations that the White House politicized a tragedy no longer seem so unsubstantiated:"

There's a meatpacking-like quality to all this. You don't really want to know how your hamburger is processed, do you? The administration's defense — and it's looking thinner than ice on a late spring pond — is that government bureaucracy is messy and multi-layered and that's a big part of why Rice said what she did.

Benghazi occurred seven weeks before election day. The administration's strategy was simple: Downplay the terror attack, change the narrative, and run out the clock. And that's what it did.

But now the dam has burst. Carney's "here at the White House" comment has essentially thrown Clinton under the bus. Republicans, who leaked the edited emails to Karl and Hayes, have succeeded on two fronts: They've got the administration on the defensive over Benghazi, and they've weakened the Democrat's most formidable 2016 candidate.

It seems that after all that digging, Republicans have found their pony at last.

Faster, please: