Ed Driscoll

NPR: 'We Have That Reputation'

“NPR show in plea for GOP guests,” according to the Politico:

NPR’s popular “Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me” trivia show gets its fair share of big name political guests (Bill Clinton called in once, for example), but host Peter Sagal knows that there’s a specific shortage he’d like to fill: Republicans.

Asked by Vulture, “Is there a dream guest for you? Someone you’ve been trying to get that you think you never will?” Sagal responded, “I would love to get more Republicans on the show.”

“One of the things I really envy about Jon Stewart is how many times he’s able to get Republicans on his show. And that’s to his credit: He’s seen as somebody who will talk fairly with everyone, who’s interested in everyone. And I am, too! But because we’re NPR, and we have that reputation — which I think is unfair, both specifically to us and nationwide — and because it’s silly, I think a lot Republican people [won’t come on]. I’ve been really eager to get a major Republican politician on the show, but circumstances are such that it’s getting harder and harder to do that these days.”

Oh yeah, “that reputation” is so totally unfair.

So totally, you guys.